Blaser R8 Professional Success .308 With Synthetic Thumbhole Stock

Blaser R8 Professional Success .308 Rifle

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The Blaser R8 Professional series of rifles are in our opinion the best straight pull rifle on the market. They are very compact but still have a 22" barrel due to their revolutionary design, allowing a reasonable bullet velocity to be achieved. The straight pull action is very smooth and quick, typically a Blaser can shoot 3 rounds accurately in the time it takes to shoot 2 using a traditional bolt action rifle which makes the rifle the ideal choice for Driven Boar shooting as well as Deer stalking in case rapid follow up shots are required.

One of the main features on Blaser rifles is the safety. When the safety catch is engaged it doesn't just stop the trigger being pressed and/or stop the sears from tripping it actually "decocks" the rifle removing all spring tension on the firing pin, this makes it impossible for a shot to be fired by accident when carrying the rifle adding greatly to all round safety making it the ideal choice in rough terrain where tripping and falling is always a possibility.

The R8 rifle can be easily split up into component pieces making it ideal when travelling, the rifle can quickly be broken into four parts slide, detachable trigger/ magazine mechanism, barrel and stock assembly. This is good for security when a shooter is using the rifle away from home and secure storage is difficult, some key parts are small enough to be carried around by the shooter or split up and hidden etc, and when reassembled the rifle will hold it's original zero.

The synthetic stock is strong and rigid offering repeatability. The stock has beed fitted with a sling swivel eye, allowing the rifle to be fitted with a bipod. Rubber inlays have been imbedded in key areas for comfort and grip in all weather conditions.

The Blaser saddle mount is the only quick release mounting system we have come across that actually works as it is designed to. The mount, which attaches to the barrel, can be removed and secured back on to the rifle without the zero changing, allowing multiple rifle scopes to be kept for each rifle if required, or the scope to be removed for transport.

The Blaser R8 rifles are a modular design allowing multiple calibres to be used with one action, this keeps cost down if multiple calibres are desired. If a barrel of a different calibre group is required, the bolt head can be changed without tools in seconds. Magazine sleeves to fit into the detachable trigger / magazine assembly are included in with the price of all new barrels purchased.

Another advantage of the scope being mounted onto the barrel is that a separate scope and mount can be used for each calibre, meaning that there is no need to re zero after changing calibre, saving time and money.

As the Blaser R8 rifles are modular we can swap the barrels or actions of any R8 rifle in stock, if the desired barrel or stock is not in store we can order it and advise on price and availability.

The muzzle is threaded 15x1 for a sound moderator.

Manufacturer Blaser
Type Straight Pull
Caliber .308 Win
Barrel Length 22"
Orientation Right Handed
Licence Required Section 1 Firearms Certificate
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