Rimfire & Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

We stock a large selection of rimfire and centerfire rifle ammunition for plinking, target shooting, varminting and for larger game like deer and wild boar.

Rimfire ammunition with solid, round nose, hollow point and ballistic tip bullets are held in stock from leading ammunition manufacturers including Eley, Winchester, CCI, Geco, RWS and Federal.

Centerfire ammunition is stocked with non-expanding FMJ and HPBT Match bullets as well as expanding Soft Point (SP), Hollow Point (HP) and ballistic tip bullets from leading manufacturers including Federal, Hornady, GGG, Prvi Partizan (PPU), Sako and Winchester.

We cannot stock all models and calibers of ammunition but we can order you in ammunition on our next order if you would like something we do not normally keep in stock. If you would like to order in some ammunition please contact us and we can check price and availability for you.

The stock levels on our website are updated in real time so if a product is showing as in stock it should be on site however if you are making a special journey to purchase please call us to check availability prior to setting off and we can reserve it for you while you travel.