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Zeiss Information

Zeiss today are one of the largest companies in the Sports Optics market producing rifle scopes, binoculars and thermal imaging spotters for the hunting and target shooting market and binoculars ofcourse for the birding market too.
In 1846 Carl Zeiss opened a workshop producing microscopes and precision optics. The business soon grew and the Carl Zeiss Foundation was formed in 1889 after the death of Carl Zeiss.

Zeiss has been building revolutionary rifle scopes since 1904 and developed two variable magnification hunting scopes in 1922 which combined high magnification with twilight performance. The first revolutionary binocular by Zeiss was introduced in 1894 that delivered a natural image and three-dimensional view. Since 1954 Zeiss has been using telescopic lenses for a more compact design. In 2020 Zeiss released a thermal imager spotter which has been the biggest change to their product catalogue for many years delivering precise clarity in an ergonomic package.

Zeiss Dti

Zeiss DTI 3/35 Thermal Imager

The latest Zeiss product, the DTI 3/35 thermal imaging monocular delivers detailed images in a truly ergonomic package and is a very simple to use product with a detection range up up to 1200m.

Zeiss Thermal Spotter Information
Zeiss V8

Zeiss V8 Scopes

The Zeiss V8 is the highest performing and most versatile scope Zeiss produce with 92% light transmission designed for shooting deep into the twilight. Available in 1.8-14x50, 2.8-20x56, 4.8-35x60 magnifications.

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Zeiss V6 Rifle Scope

Zeiss Conquest V6 Rifle Scopes

The Zeiss V6 range of rifle scopes are engineered to impress in any environment whether it is long range or close-up stalking with a wide field of view. The 92% light transmission and modern lens coatings ensure great clarity even in twilight conditions.

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Zeiss V4 Scope

Zeiss Conquest V4 Scopes

Equipped with completely reliable mechanisms the Zeiss V4 6-24x rifle scopes are a specialist for precision long range shots. 90% Light transmission to the eye ensures precision shooting in low level light conditions.

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Zeiss Victory Ht Scope

Zeiss Victory HT Scopes

Built with Schott HT glass and a revolutionary optical system, the Victory HT is designed for shooting in poor light conditions with it's 95% light transmission. The optional ASV+ target style turrets give the precision needed for long range shooting.

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Zeiss Victory Sf

Zeiss Victory SF Binoculars

Featuring a superb field of view and being among the highest light transmission levels on the market at 92%, Zeiss Victory SF binoculars provide crisp images with a fatigue-free design for hours of viewing.

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Zeiss Victory Rf

Zeiss Rangefinding Victory RF Binoculars

With the Zeiss Victory RF binoculars you can determine the precise distance of your target out to 2,300 metres within a second. The range is displayed within your normal vision. Built in a normal sized and weight binocular the Victory range finding binoculars are an impressive and feature packed product.

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Zeiss Conquest Hd Binoculars

Zeiss Conquest HD Binoculars

Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars give 90% light transmission built in a compact size with a robust shell providing optimum grip and viewing ergonomics. Lotutec lens coatings mean water rolls off and dust and grit doesn't stick to the lenses resulting in unhindered viewing in all weather conditions and environments.

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