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Hornady LNL Head Space Comparator Kit

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Correct headspace of reloaded rifle cartridges is important for accuracy, safety and case life. This kit allows you to easily measure variations between brass cases before and after firing, or resizing. Cases with the correct headspace will have minimal stretching, extended case life and improved accuracy.

The kit consists of a precisely machined adaptor that clamps on to the jaws of a dial or digital caliper (not included) and a set of five bushings to accept various cartridge sizes.

The insert bushings included will work with most bottleneck cases from .17 Remington to belted magnums (see picture #2 for insert details). Instructions include a chart of cartridge / bushing sizes.

To use the Hornady Headspace gauge Attach the body to the fixed blade of your calliper (not included) with the brass thumbscrew and the proper bushing (calibre specific) inserted then centre the case shoulder into the bushing and bring the caliper blade to rest on the case head and rotate the case to ensure an accurate measurement.

If you measure after firing this will tell you the chamber of your specific rifle so that you can ensure you are resizing each case correctly. It is recommend to set the shoulder back .001-.003" (one thousandth of an inch to three thousandths of an inch) from the rifles chamber.

Manufacturer Hornady
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