Used Bushnell CONX Rangefinder + Kestrel Ballistics Weather Meter

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Used long range shooting package consisting of Kestrel Applied ballistics weather meter and Bushnell Elite Tactical CONX range finder. Both in very good condition due to only having been used a little amount.

Bushnell CONX Range Finder:

1760 Yard range with 7x magnification. Can be programmed to give hold over values in MIL, MOA, centimetres or inches for your ballistic data (of up to 3 rifles). Connects via bluetooth to your smartphone and to your Kestrel to give advanced environmental ballistic data.


Kestrel Applied Ballistics Weather Meter: 

Features LiNK which allows data transfer via bluetooth to your smart phone and to the Bushnell CONX Elite Tactical Range Finder to allow you to view the results on your range finder. Measures up to 15 environmental parameters and allows users to use G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients when calculating trajectory. Original instruction booklet not included but we have printed off Kestrel instructions from PDF.


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