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Best Selling Shotgun, Rifle and Air Rifle Brands


All guns listed are actually in stock and for sale at our store in Derby, not just listed to be ordered in if required as many gun shops offer. To check the current availability of a product, click on the gun advert you are interested in and on the product page it will state either 'In stock' or 'Out of stock'. We  try to stock multiple guns in popular models and specifications allowing our customers to choose from a selection of stocks and pick the one that appeals.

Despite having one of the largest gun shops in the UK we are unable to display all guns instore on the walls so some are boxed up in our strong room but these guns can still be browsed online at your convenience, if one is of interest we will happily find it and get it out for your inspection. To browse the stock selection in a specific model click on the product advert then select the serial number from the drop down menu, when you select a serial number it will bring up the picture of the actual gun.

Use the brand refinement buttons on the left or below to search for the brand you require or if you want a list of all the brands and models we stock please click on the guns category at the top of the page.

Top Brands at The Countryman

Beretta Shotguns

Beretta shotguns are world renowned and have been around a long time. They have been manufactured in Italy since 1526 and with so many years of expertise, as you would expect, are all built to last, look and handle great. There is an extensive range of shotguns in the Beretta range including Over & Under, Side-By-Side and Semi-Automatic shotguns.

Browning Shotguns and Rifles

Browning shotguns are made by Miroku in Japan. Browning is possibly the best known gun manufacturer in the world and have been Producing quality firearms since 1838. Nowadays Browning are best known for producing exceptional quality Over & Under shotguns at a very competitive price but the Maxus range of Semi-Automatic shotguns should not be overlooked as they are reliable, handle well and are packed full of features. Browning also make a good selection of rifles including the Browning T-Bolt straight pull rifles in rimfire calibres and the X-Bolt and A-Bolt rifles in centerfire calibres.

Blaser Shotguns and Rifles

Design is paramount to Blaser, every gun is designed to excel in all areas including accuracy, consistency, ergonomics, safety, durability and looks. Looking at Blaser guns the user can appreciate the engineering and design whether it be with the F16 and F3 Over & Under shotguns or the Blaser R8 straight pull rifles.

Benelli Shotguns

Benelli shotguns are as good as it gets when it comes to semi-automatic shotguns. The mastery is in the design, being inertia operated instead of gas, they are very easy to clean and function with exceptional reliability with 28gm 2 3/4" cartridges or heavier. Benelli have also ventured in to the Over & Under market with the release of the Benelli 828U in 2016. Benelli have utilised their engineering and innovative mastery on this new light weight gun which handles and shoots as well as any other gun on market and due to it's design should last longer than any other light weight alloy actioned shotgun.

Sako Rifles

Sako rifles are our best selling premium quality hunting rifle as they are the 'full package', they look and feel great and are always very accurate straight out of the box. Sako rifles are a favourite for many deer stalkers, fox controllers and target shooters. Every rifle in the Sako range is is built for a job and excels. All rifles are tested at the factory and must shoot 5 rounds at sub minute accuracy before they are sent out as a part of their quality control checks.

Tikka Rifles

Tikka rifles use the same trigger mechanisms and barrels as Sako meaning their accuracy is just a good. Every rifle must group 3 rounds at sub minute accuracy before leaving the factory. Tikka rifles are a little cheaper than their Sako counterparts, the main difference being the cheaper to produce synthetic stocks which aren't rubber coated and don't feature rubber inlays, plastic furniture & magazines.Tikka rifles are based on the same action length allowing greater quantities to be produced with less stoppage time.

CZ Rifles

CZ are the most popular rimfire rifle on the market and have been for many years. CZ rifles set the benchmark when it comes to accuracy, they group as well as any other brand and cost less than half the price as such it is the rifle of choice for a lot of shooters, especially if purchasing a rifle for a work tool.

Weihrauch Air Rifles

Weihrauch are probably Germany's best know air rifle manufacturer in the UK, the air rifles they produce are built to a very high standard using only the best materials, as such they last very well and are exceptionally reliable. All the Weihrauch Air Rifles we sell are official UK imports and have the Hull Cartridge stamp.

Daystate Air Rifles

Daystate air rifles are manufactured in the UK and come with an impressive 3 year warranty. All the Daystates air rifles are pre-charged and are widely considered to be as good as it gets in a PCP air rifle. Daystate offer the facility for a purchaser to purchase semi-custom air rifles if desired at marginal additional cost.

BSA Air Rifles

BSA is a well known British brand that has been around for many years. Compromising of spring, gas-ram and pre-charged air rifles the BSA range is comprehensive. Traditionally renowned for their spring powered air rifles BSA have expanded their manufacture base and now have some of the best PCP rifles that can be found on the market. BSA now offer a 2 year warranty on their air rifles.

Shotguns, Rifles and Air Rifles on display at The Countryman of Derby

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