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Beretta Guns At The Countryman of Derby


Beretta Shotguns

Beretta Shotguns At The Countryman of Derby


To check the current availability of a product, click on the gun advert you are interested in and on the product page it will state either 'In stock' or 'Out of stock'. We try to stock multiple guns in popular models and specifications including the 30" Beretta Silver Pigeon 1 in both the field and sporting specifications and the 686E Evo 30" Sporting allowing our customers to choose from a selection of stocks and pick the one that appeals.

Despite having one of the largest gun shops in the UK we are unable to display all guns instore on the walls so some are boxed up in our strong room. These guns can still be browsed online at your convenience, if one is of interest we will happily find it and get it out for your inspection. To browse the stock selection in a specific model click on the product advert then select the serial number from the drop down menu, when you select a serial number it will bring up the picture of the actual gun.

Beretta shotguns are world renowned and have been manufactured in Italy since 1526. Every Beretta shotgun is built to last, look and handle great. There is an extensive range of shotguns in the Beretta range including Over & Under, Side-By-Side and Semi-Automatic shotguns. We were made 1 of 3 UK Beretta shop-in-shops in 2012 meaning we can offer the best pricing, service and selection. We also stock a large range of Beretta clothing and branded accessories which are also available to purchase on our website day and night.

The Beretta range starts with the Silver Pigeon 1 shotguns and progresses to the Beretta 686E Evo with extended chokes and higher grade woodwork. The Beretta 690 series in the grade 1 and grade 3 are where Beretta engraving and design start to show and the Beretta 687 EELL tops the range with beautifully engraved sideplates and grade 5/6 wood.

In competition specifications Beretta produce the Beretta 692 Sporting as an entry level competition spec gun featuring selectable ejectors and the facility allowing the owner to balance the gun how they want. The flag ship Beretta DT11, at £5700 is packed with features and is built to handle the strain of competitive shooting.


Beretta Shotgun Display at The Countryman of Derby

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