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With possibly the largest selection of rifles for sale and on display in the UK we have the knowledge and stock to get you set up with a rifle to suit your needs. Sporting rifles are our personal passion at The Countryman, as such we can offer personal experience and suggest what would be the best rifle and outfit to meet your requirements and budget. The guns listed are actually in stock and for sale at our store in Derby, not just listed to be ordered in if required like many gun shops. To check current availability click on the gun advert you are interested in and on the product page it will state either 'In stock' or 'Out of stock'.

We offer a free mounting and boresighting service when purchasing a rifle ensuring the outfit goes together well with plenty of adjustment on the scope so there should not be any problem zeroing the outfit which can occasionally arise from a build up of tolerances.

We keep 150+ rifles on display in our shop stocking everything from .22LR and .17HMR rimfire calibres up to the more powerful centerfire calibres including .17 Hornet, .204, .223, .22-250, .243, .25-06, 6.5x55, 6.5 Creedmoor .270, .308, 30-06 and .338 Lapua Magnum.

Sporting rifles for hunting are our most popular specification in both light sporter weight and heavier varmint weight barrels, as such these are the majority of rifles we stock. Our most popular sporting rifle brands are, Sako, Tikka, Browning, Blaser, Sauer, Howa, Ruger and CZ. We do however stock some specialist target shooting rifles including the Ruger precision, Sako TRG, Savage F/TR, CZ 557, Tikka T3X Tactical, Tikka T3X sporter and the Accuracy International AT series of rifles.

To compliment our extensive rifle selection we also stock a large selection of riflescopes, mounts, ammunition, top quality clothing, hunting equipment and rifle accessories.

Rifles at The Countryman of Derby

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