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Clothing & Footwear


At The Countryman we stock a large selection of quality shooting and outdoor country clothing from many leading clothing brands. Our website stock levels are updated in real time and will not allow the sale of items out of stock, all items listed as instock are available to purchase and try on instore at the same highly competitive pricing.

We stock top quality waterproof windproof and breathable shooting jackets from industry leaders including Schoffel, Musto, Barbour, Harkila, Seeland and Deerhunter. Please note with continental sizing you need to remove 10 from the size to get the chest measurement in inches, ie. European size 52 would traditionally fit a 42" chest, more accurate garment sizing is listed on each product individually.

We are the UK's leading supplier of Men's and Women's clay pigeon shooting vests stocking a great selection of skeet vests from brands including Browning, Beretta, Musto, Schoffel, Seeland and Deerhunter. If you are purchasing a large quantity for club or team use please enquire as to the availability of the vest you would like and we will check to see if we have the required quantities in stock or if needed whether we could get them in the required time.

A good choice of headwear for various applications is held in stock including caps, flat caps, waterproof hats, headnets and balaclavas from a variety of different brands.

Rubber wellington boots are stocked from Aigle, Lechameau, Barbour and Percussion at varying price points. Personally we think that Aigle wellington boots represent excellent value for money and are as good as it gets in a rubber boot. We also stock Harkila pro hunter walking boots which are durable, supportive and comfortable.

Waterproof trousers, overtrousers, moleskin trousers and breeks are stocked from Seeland, Harkila, Hoggs and Ridgeline allowing the user to stay warm and dry in even the foulest British weather conditions. To get UK sizes from continental size you need to remove 16 from the listed number, ie. A European size 52 would fit a 36" waist.

Smart country wear and lifestyle shirts are stocked from Barbour, Musto, Bonart and Hoggs which are ideal traditional shooting attire. They are durable, comfortable and look smart even after a long day stood on the peg. Woollen jumpers in both v-neck and crew neck are also a must have garment to keep out the chill in the British winter.

Shooting gloves and mitts to keep hands warm and a maintain good grip are available to purchase in store from Harkila, Seeland, Barbour and Musto.

Shooting and wellington socks make a great gift, we keep in top brands including Barbour, Hoggs and Bonart alongside garters and other traditional shooting attire.

Shooting Jackets, Coats and Gilets for sale at The Countryman of Derby

Skeet vests and other clay pigeon shooting vests for sale at The Countryman of Derby

Caps, hats, facemasks, headnets, beanies and other headwear for sale at The Countryman of Derby

Walking boots, wellington boots and foowear accessories for sale at The Countryman of Derby


Trousers, breeks, overtrousers and gaitors for sale at The Countryman of Derby

Shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts and jumpers for sale at The Countryman of Derby

Gloves and mitts for sale at The Countryman of Derby

Shooting socks and wellington socks for sale at The Countryman of Derby


Clothing display at The Countryman of Derby

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